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Moving on.

Hey, remember what i wrote in that Reload post? Well, i’ve actually DONE a thing from that! I’m renting a room now. About 100$ now, includes the bills. And internet. No, it’s not a dump, it’s clearly superior to where i lived before, it’s just that the history student that owns it has spent 2 years in britain, as a chef, and now has decided to study. And is quite bored, living alone in his 3-room apartment. I feel so much more of a man already.

Also, sent Dana a message, asking if she needs her stuff back. I sure as hell do! There are books about WW2, and Terry Prattchett and whatnot in her place, which belong to me. Hopefully, she answers – my aunt is interested about one peculiar book about schools in soviet union, and i’ll be in an uneasy position, if i won’t be able to return it to her. Now, todays picture – the cuuuutest armor in all of Fallout New Vegas:

Now, this is the only armor which looks better than the classical T51b. 🙂

Also, the exam session’s almost over. Neat.


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Dungeons and Heresy

It’s roleplaying day today! Nothing is as soothing and relaxing after an exam session, than playing a techmarine and slaying some tyrannids. 🙂 If you haven’t tried it yet, do so – much better than the standard D&D crap. Oh, and also, i’ve been reading deadpool comics lately. You know, i found this medium to be fun after reading transmetropolitan. Then came V for Vendetta. Watchmen next. Y the Last man. And now, due to sheer stupidity and hilarity of the character, Deadpool, merc with a mouth, is more than awesome! I meen, look at this guy:

also, he likes to kill things. And Duckt Tape. And whatnot. 🙂 Such a sweet, sweet mercenary, isn’t he?

Duckt tape. Duckt tape.Duckt tape.Duckt tape. I share deadpool’s obsession with the word.

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So yeah. An exam of the history of Latvian Pilosophy tomorrow. I someow dislike this hamann and herder and whatnot stuff. Albeit that 13-th century chronicler is funstuff, tho. Not much other stuff to talk about, maybe except Eva goin’ back to UK, and all the best wishes to her. Haven’t spoken with Kristen lately, but i simply have no time to do so. Damn those two months of exams. Me no like. Sleep. Cofee. Beer. Want. Aaaaaaaaargh….. (sound of head exploding)

And, continuing my tradition, here’s a good one from Mrs. Brasliņa again – 

Yeah, i can identify with the rifleman dude. And i need some boobs. I mean, not me, per se, but theorethically, boobs would be nice.


Oh, yeah, and then, i managed to get drunk and fix some issues with some old friends of mine. Guess this dull week isn’t so bad after all. 🙂

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And now, about 19 hours of resting. TWO essays and a conpect in 24 hours is pure evil, yet somehow manageable. Sheeeesh, i’m tired this time. Not to bore you, here’s a neat picture:

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After the recent troubles, i want to finally fix my life. As just speaking about it won’t do any good, and i do need a plan, i’ll brainstorm some of my ideas here. Open for criticism, although, i doubt that anyone actualy cares enough to commen. -_-

1. Get a new place to live. (It’s fun with my friends, really, and nice and all that…but i must leave. I have been trying to do this lately, need a neat place where i can be alone. Yes. That’ll help me concentrate.)

2. Improve the income rate. (A new job? No, i like my current one, and i have to study. If the webpage project turns out fine, that’ll bring me a steady income. Some translation stuff, maybe?  These monetary issues are important, yet not the first priority, because i can manage. )

3. Gym. (This is a definite one, i need some physical activity, seriously. I feel like a bloody anorectic otherwise – not tragic, tho, but still…wants moar mass….)

4. Women. (Standards are set, and i won’t be wasting my life, dating unattractive tomboy neurotics with no sense of fashion. I’m quite attractive, i have a job [huge success in Latvia] and my IQ is humongous – that means i’ll figure things out. Oh, and i’m a writer. All that remains is…wait. For a few seconds, i must wait. There. I have a new standard. I want to be together with a woman, i’d consider beautiful. Not cute. Not pretty. Not sexy. Beautiful. In every sense of the word – and that includes smarts and kindness too. I have to set high standards for me, achieve them, and then, seek a woman that I want, not a woman that i can get. And then, take care of her with all i’ve got – but before that, there are these things i need to sort out.)

5. Blah, lots of text. Time to reload….

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So, here i was, randomly looking through facebook, but then, i look at my pal’s Henrique Pereira’s wall and see that he likes THIS picture:

Ladies and getleman, this is THE greatest picture of a female person of all time. OF ALL TIME. It’s a shame that she’s from portugal, but, as of now, this sets a new standart for perfect beauty of women. The Inquisitor has spoken.

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The Project

I have to say…project meeting one was more of a success than i expected. And i love when something good happens. Same as with the exams – when there are 195 people in the auditorium, you can just cheat your way out of an otherwise pointless course. Yes, my life sucks. But i like the way it sucks. Sometimes, i even wish it would suck more. Like in this picture. 🙂

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