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So…I’m in chapter 2. I don’t care about the flaws, I don’t care about…well…anything really, this game is awesome. Go get it.

P.S. DLC dresses & weps make it waaaay to easy, so i’d recommend not using them.


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Haha. This…is bullshit. Woman are random. And so i am too. Nyaaa.

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We have a new president. That is, Latvia has a new president. This idiot, is NOT my president.

Basically, out parliament votes AGAINST on allowing one of the most corrupt politicians (and the local Oligarch) Ainārs Šlesers house to be searched for evidence against him. Then, our old president decides that it’s time to do something, so he dissolves the parliament. (There’s going to be a referendum after a while. I’m voting FOR this idea.) Then, the parliament (as today was our presidental elecition, and out parliament elects the president) elects Andris Bērziņš, and obvious placeholder who’s involved in a LOT of dirty deals with the local oligarchy, including the aforementioned Šlesers as our new president.

Fuck this shit, i’m moving to China. But only after a small, personal revolution. Time to raise the flags, men! I’m pissed….

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