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A lot of things have happened lately, and as some people may know, I’ve moved (again) and am now living with my pals (also philosophy students) in the center of our beloved capital Riga. That, and a lot of work and whatnot has clogged my time schedule (Deus Ex: Human Revolution is also out) so I haven’t been able to edit and post my Top 10 why Latvians worship potato list. But, that’s going to be there soon enough, yet as of now, I’m combining the three things I love the most in my life, to make it more cooler. Let me explain:

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a picture of Serene. (Yeah, the one I used to make my top picture, because a girl wielding a Barrett M107a is awesome!)

And this is my beloved girlfriend Elīna. Quite the charmer, isn’t she?

So, I have a girl, an image of my liking and…i’m a wargamer. So, I bought this neat Rin Farrah from sodapop miniatures:

And asked a friend of mine (well, a girlfriend of a friend of mine, but she’s awesome – check out how she sometimes paints stuff over here: http://antipaint.tumblr.com/ ) to paint this model so that I could field her. ^_^’ (as a Vindicare. Mmm….sexy) Oh, yeah, but the paint scheme is basically this:

Except the hair should be blonde, and, you know, she still should look like my GF. That, and…yeah, I hope I’ll be able to publish my top10 or part3 of Madame Kurz sometime soon.


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