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Lately, I’ve been involved in a bunch of suspicious activities. It is weird how people who hadn’t bothered to even speak with you suddenly show a sudden need of your help. But what the hell, that’s more fun than sleeping anyways. Oh, yeah, the title of the post says: pretty pictures. So, I guess, you can have one.

This is my neat Orianna

There. And now we have a picture. Ok, where was I? One: I have to teach Latvian to my boss’s son. It’s harder than you might think, because really, kids. Nothing against them, and I’ve grown quite accustomed by working in my store, yet – I can give them advice on playing warhammer, but teaching them a language is hard. Kudos and respect to D503 for doing this on ¬†daily basis. Man, teachers have balls in the size of an elephant.

Two: My manager has some female-related issues. Now, IF a girl is 16 years younger than you (He’s 36 so do the math) IF she hasn’t worked ¬†for a single day of her life, IF you pay for her prolonged existence and IF she also dates other guys, then you just might be doing something terribly wrong with your life and I can’t help you. That’s a harsh lesson to teach, and I’m not sure if this blog is the best place to do it, but: Dump her, dude. Sometimes your so-perceived love is NOT an argument. But enough of this, here’s another nice picture.

This is a Space Dwarf. It is awesome. AWESOME!

And thirdly, of all things, I am finally happy, because in comparison my own problems seem less important. Frankly, because I have no problems. And let’s end with this awesome note. But really, HOW am I supposed to help my superiors? That’s….kinda stressful.


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