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Russian Brides

I got an e-mail, which was obviously spam. Sent by Alice Mccarthy (from the adress blockmalaise at yahoo.com). It went like this:
“Knowing a friend like you would make me happy in a million ways. and if ever I have to let you go.

I’m sure there are many things that will make us stick together. I can send you some photos with me, if you wanted to type me few words

Lisa” – but that wasn’t the scary part. The signature, which you can add to all e-mails you send…bow, THAT’S scary. Have a look: “He besiegeed, shrugging his shoulders, and smiling suspiciously. And, I swear, I dont arrange that I unfastened; it was perhaps the lower scull, I lather where comfortable for determination, in another translation I would flay suggest up to flush his tendency. Of his factual relations overboard enraptureed with speck infectious get back, but he too was a quart of the Koznishev and not the Levin fanatic, so that the Levin beetle was utterly justifyd. We quoteed lush, bidding too keyed up. these three was all for jumping richly. Do ordinance remand Madame Karenina? We are traveling sincerely.
Presently, your returned home Fyodorovitch was pulling me by my scared, Id sumptuous withering, he was in a deserving commerce and cavorted to poach upon me.”

This got me interested, because of boredom, and nothing much to do. That, and terrible English. So, I replied:

“Wait, so is this Alice or Lisa?”

And whaddya know! Got a reply this morning. Apparently, they either think that I’m stupid, or THEY are stupid.
I will go to your city in a couple of weeks…!!

I don’t check my MailBox often,
at last I have waited your answer to email…

but I constantly On line on site http://dateritim.ru ,
my nickname is ‘Nevesta’ find me on this project.

You can look there my pics at my profile, … after ur Registration, i think..

Please, write me where you live exactly and something more about yourself in personal message and add ur pics”

So, what the hell…If I am to get any fun from this, I better register. Oh, I’ll keep you updated, folks! BTW this was my reply to her:

“Oh, okay! I’ll register there ASAP! 🙂 And you’re arriving in Riga? I
have to warn you, it’s quite cold here, might have to do something to
warm you up 😛 By the way, how did you find me?”

It’s crazytime now! 😀


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