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A friend of mine told me that it’s impossible to forget people completely. I guess, it is true. Has been causing me some troubles the last few days. I still look at her picture, her frype profile now and then…stupid me. I have to learn to NOT care. That’s the best thing i can do right now, THAT should be my form of caring about how she lives her life. What hurt me was that she didn’t bother to reply to my christmas greeting. Was…painful. Made me think.  I had some hopes that we, one day, might get back together, but as of now, they’re only holding me back.

But enough of this whining! Spent a lot of time reading about sniper rifles. Turns out, the confirmed kill with the longest range was made at a distance of 2.47 kilomethers. The glorious sniper is Craig Harrisson, a british corporal. He was using  Accuracy International L115A3 rifle.

The gun uses .338 Lapua Magnum ammunition, (8.6x70mm) which is an anti-personnel round (although the description says that it has some, albeit limited, anti material capacity). It can penetrate better-than-standard military armor at a range of 1000 meters, and has a maximum effective range of 1750 meters. Now think about how that guy shot that taliban from 2470 meters. He hit him twice. Now, THAT’s a sniper.

My preferred rifle, however, is (‘doh) Barrett M107 – it’s a long range anti-material sniper rifle, which utilizes the larger .50 BMG ammunition. (12.7x99mm NATO) It looks just like drawn up there, in my header picture, and it has to be noted that this rifle physically cannot be fired oherwise but from a prone position. I imagine my girl firing Raufoss Mk 211 rounds. Those, ladies and gentlemen, are armor piercing (tungsten core), high-explosive, incendiary rounds. Basically, it penetrates the car you’re driving, explodes inside of it, and then, sets everything on fire. Logically, it is a very popular round to be loaded in the Barrett m107 rifle.  (Which is basically the same as Barrett m82 rifle, except the m107 is military-grade and has some upgrades over the (almost) civilian m82 version.) It is debated wether this round is even legal to use on personnel targets – it actually has a lower chance to explode on impact on such targets, but it won’t matter when you’ll be hit by this:

Our Barrett fires the leftmost round. And then, it explodes – the radius isn’t very huge, but still, the metal shrapnel is flying around. And then, it covers everything with a Zirconium powder, which burns at a very high temperature, cannot be extinguished by water, and may burn up to 10 minutes. I have to mention here, that the longest-range kill was made with the bullet, just next to our .50 monstrosity. Now, imagine the recoil? That might be just a schoolgirl drawn there, but a ) in the picture, she’s firing from a kneeling position. In semi-auto mode. Without the bipod. She has the strenght of a space marine.

So, that’s about it. Sniper rifles are clearly more fun to think about than ex-girlfriends. Although, i love her still…and that…should change. I suppose. Goddamnit! Well, next time, i’ll talk about memory. It appears, that writing things down actually makes it worse. Time for some research, but until then – how should i call my angel of death? 😀



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